Originally housed in the historic Old Raleigh Water Tower on Morgan Street, the American Institute of Architects North Carolina (AIANC) outgrew their unique and bequeathed space.  The idea to build the new Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD) was born from a 2005 AIANC task force. After a two-year study which examined the then current AIANC home, it was determined that new facilities would be needed for the institute to meet its long-term goals. In 2007, AIANC members authorized the creation of new Center.

It was decided that a design competition would be the ideal strategy to select an  architect. In January of 2008, Frank Harmon PA was selected out of 49 submissions as the competition winner. Frank Harmon’s design was praised by the competition jury for its site plan, openness for community activities such as weekend markets, event and reception space, local reference in the use of materials, and the emphasis on sustainability.

January 2012, CfAD opened the doors for architects and the community at large– providing an event space that will offer the inspiration for a bride to create memories that will last a lifetime. Elegant and functional, by day the Center serves as an operating demonstration project for sustainable design and construction practices. Built to a LEED platinum standard and conceived out of the AIA’s 10 measures of sustainability, the Center seeks to inform the public on ways to build and consume responsibly for current uses and future generations.






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